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You wouldn’t pay a painter more to take longer to complete a task…

 We do quality work and offer flexibility with our fees including:
  • Hourly rate
  • Monthly fee
  • Fixed fee for stage
  • Fixed fee overall

We’ll discuss your family law fees with you, at any stage, at no charge.

Common Questions

We offer fixed fees for initial appointments.  Most initial appointments take between 1 and 1.5 hours and the fee includes a detailed advice letter afterwards.  In most cases we can cover all of the immediate issues, answer all of your questions, and have a good discussion about the best process moving forward.  Other firms may offer free or discounted initial appointments, but we consider that it’s critical to get thorough advice and make the right decision about process early on rather than rush you through an intake appointment. We see our initial appointment package as the best investment a client can make at the outset of their matter.

Then please raise it with us!  We are always willing to have an open conversation about your fees and any discussions we have about fees; whether in person, over the phone or in writing are at no charge to you.