Will and estate disputes

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There is much confusion and misconception about wills.

Not having a will means that you will die intestate. Your assets will still be distributed to eligible beneficiaries, but only according to a predetermined statutory formula.

Even when people take out wills, many people who think they have provided for beneficiaries in the way they intended are unaware of the pitfalls that can arise if a will is not prepared correctly.

We work with you to provide a will that covers even the most unlikely scenarios. That way, you are ensured the final say on how and to whom your estate is distributed.

Estate planning involves the organisation of a person’s legal and financial affairs so that your assets are distributed to your intended beneficiaries in an orderly and tax-effective manner.

A properly constructed estate plan involves the integration of all your legal and financial matters.

We have vast experience and specialise in all matters relating to Will disputes in the ACT, NSW and other Australian jurisdictions.

We routinely advise our clients on their rights and concerns in relation to all Will and estate disputes including:

  • Advising clients that have been left without a Will or wish to make a Family Provision claim, and the merits of such a claim
  • Executors dealing with claims in respect of a Will or estate;
  • Executors defending claims against an estate;
  • Challenging the validity of Wills;
  • Advising on intestacy (where the deceased did not make a Will)
  • Disputes between executors and beneficiaries about the administration of an estate
  • Advising on the duties and obligations of executors, and whether these have been fulfilled
  • Advising as to the process, options and costs of disputed Will and estate matters

With a focus on alternative dispute resolution outside the Courtroom, we strive to resolve all Wills and estate disputes with minimum cost and conflict. Our specialists can also assist you in achieving the best outcome in Court.

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