Modern Lawyer

Emma has a “can do” attitude and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She won’t just act as your intermediary but will give you practical and strategic advice which will help you to weigh up and assess the benefit versus the cost of choosing a particular legal path.

Emma really enjoys working with clients to help reduce (not increase) conflict with their former partners. She knows that while playing the blame game can feel good at the time, it can cost more emotionally and financially in the long run. Emma prefers to have smart conversations and negotiate strategically to maximise the prospects of resolving sticky issues quickly, cost effectively and without the necessity of court intervention.

Most people have never had to go through the court process before and naturally find it intimidating. If court intervention is required, Emma is the type of lawyer who will guide you through the process with kindness and expertise.

Real Person

Although she keeps a cool head in the office, Emma loves to exercise in intense heat and spends a lot of time practicing Bikram yoga/hot pilates or meditating in the sauna. On weekends, Emma looks forward to hitting local cafes and parks with her young family.

Our People