Modern Lawyer

Pheobe began her career in property and commercial law, working throughout rural and metropolitan Victoria. Pheobe advised on a range of matters from farming and residential conveyancing through to commercial development transactions. She made the transition to family law in 2016 to pursue her passion for helping families navigate the complex procedures and dynamics they are left to grapple with after separation. She leveraged the skills she acquired in the commercial space to ensure her clients receive high-quality advice and advocacy in both parenting and property matters.

Pheobe completed her Master of Laws (Applied Law), majoring in family law in 2017, which taught her that there is always more to learn.

Real person

Pheobe is a keen amateur artist and craft enthusiast who fundamentally believes that any object can be improved with the aid of a hot glue gun. She is currently illustrating a children’s book for her son.

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