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Renata joined us in the middle of a global pandemic – suitable given that she’s never gone about life in a conventional way. Renata chose the ‘life experience’ path after completing her legal qualifications, leaving the indoor office and swapping it for outdoor ones at Perisher and Park City in Utah, USA for 8 back to back snow seasons. At Perisher she ran the largest children’s ski school program in the southern hemisphere, and at Park City she worked as an instructor as well as a trainer of other instructors.

Prior to taking her ‘gap year(s)’, Renata worked for another leading family law firm for five years. During that time, she was exposed to a variety of family law matters including child relocation, and complex property matters, as well as matters involving the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.

Renata is interested in a range of issues that arise in parenting matters, including those involving relocation (international and domestic) and associated issues such as international child abduction. She is also interested in matters involving same sex couples, as well as adoption and surrogacy cases, and matters involving disputes over the parentage of a child.

Since starting with FGD she has had the opportunity to build her skills working on a range of property matters with varying degrees of complexity, including those where the agreement between parties is relatively simple, and those where significant levels of negotiation are involved to reach a resolution on a number of complex issues.

Renata enjoys the challenge presented by both parenting and property matters, especially the strategy that is involved in bringing them to a resolution that her client is satisfied with. Whatever you need help with, Renata will put a smile on your face while she helps you work towards a resolution.

Real Person

Renata spends her free time bothering her partner about getting a doggo, enthusing over biomechanics in skiing, is a former competitive field hockey player (she’ll try her hand at this again when this COVID business calms down), and dabbles in performing music at local bars/pubs around town.

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