About FGD

We’re lawyers, but we do things differently. We are a family law firm with offices in Canberra and Melbourne and we give our clients the best advice and guidance going around. We also specialise in wills, will disputes, estate planning, litigation and superannuation.

21 years of Surrogacy


Surrogacy is a personal experience and often not spoken broadly about. It can be confusing for some to get their head around the concept and the legalities of the process. […]

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News – With the merging of Certus Law & FGD comes – The FGD Superstars

We are pleased to announce that the wedding of Certus Law and FGD went off without a hitch – champagne all around! Now, over to the FGD superstars.

The bigger and better Farrar Gesini Dunn now includes staff with expertise in Wills, and Wills Disputes, Superannuation and Property Law.

More about our new solicitors coming soon!

Trusting that […]

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