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How & why the Family Court ordered chemo

My child has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. As his parents, we get to make all decisions about his health… right?

You may have read the recent news articles about the 6 year old boy, Oshin, in Western Australia who is terminally ill with cancer. After consideration of his medical options vs his life expectancy […]

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If same-sex marriage is legalised, can you divorce?

This week we have received messages from friends and family members from overseas and all over Australia who have heard about the “Canberra couple who vow to divorce if same-sex marriage is legalised”. The article and the announcement has indeed gone viral and in turn, prompted a range of interesting and varied responses, including […]

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What does the law say about IVF?

IVF essentially means that an egg is fertilized outside the body and is then implanted into the uterus. It is basically any way (medically assisted or not) by which a woman becomes pregnant other than by having sexual intercourse. Kirsty-1-620x930

So who is a parent in IVF procedures?

The law […]

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Demystifying Surrogacy


The recent story of Baby Gammy and the surrogacy arrangement two Australian parents had with a Thai Surrogate has certainly generated discussion about surrogacy and the law that surrounds it. Over the last week, I have heard people ask: “Isn’t surrogacy illegal in Australia?”, ”Don’t the parents […]

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