Now we’re no ‘Royals’ enthusiasts but we still couldn’t help getting caught up in the buzz of having William, Kate and George in the nation’s capital last week. In our viral snooping of the couple we came across quite the article; published on a website whose name says it all ‘Celeb Dirty Laundry’ the piece titled ‘Kate Middleton and Prince William Divorce Shocker: Isabella Calthorpe Cheating to Blame- Australian Trip Cancelled’ had us in stitches.

With claims of a looming divorce for the royal couple and an obviously incorrect claim that their trip to Australia was cancelled, all laughs aside, the article did contain twelve words of truth:

It can take years for an average couple to settle a divorce’.

The time frame from the day you separate from your partner, to the day you file for divorce and then to the day the divorce is actually granted and put into effect is as lengthy as this sentence.

You must be separated from your partner for 12 months before you can file for divorce. Then you need to go through the filing process, not to forget a possible property settlement and parenting arrangements. While Wills and Kate may not be getting a divorce, we can look back on the much publicised separation of Charles and Diana for an understanding of how many years the process can take.

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Averil Foster

Averil Foster