I must admit that I’m a little in love with Angelina Jolie. Not just because she is talented, beautiful and contributes a lot to the community but because she seems to be a mother that has her priorities straight.

The photos and stories surrounding her recent wedding to Brad Pitt provide a window into what it might look like when parents put the needs of their children first. Apparently, the entire idea of the couple marrying came from the children. In addition, all six children were involved in planning the day, with two of the boys walking mum down the aisle and the children’s drawings embroidered into Angelina’s gown and veil. Their ten year old baked the wedding cake.

Brides usually become fixated on the details of their wedding, the dress and the cake become vitally important. To essentially let your kids’ scribbles cover your dress and have a ten year old bake the wedding cake show that your concerns about vanity and perfection on ‘your special day’ (I have a ten year old who bakes cakes – pretty they ain’t) are of less concern than making sure the day is meaningful to the children – in a way that is important to them and not you.

Not usually a follower of celebrity gossip, I found the news surrounding Brad and Angelina’s wedding quite uplifting. The picture painted of a close knit large family enjoying such a wonderful moment together, and Angelina’s statement that ‘It was a lovely, happy day with lots of laughter and meaning that the entire family will remember for the rest of their lives’ brought a smile to my face and a little hope to my day.

I swear though if they end up separating I’ll be devastated!

Elisa Turco

Elisa Turco