Once every few years the Easter period will fall on the start, middle, or end weekend of the Term 1 school holidays. This can be a headache for kids who are keen to maximise the time they spend hanging out with their mates on holidays and minimise the time they spend doing maths at school. However, it can also be a headache for parents who have separated and have no formal court orders about what is to happen when the Easter period overlaps with the school holidays.

Parents who decide not to turn to the Court to sort out the living arrangements of their children in the wake of their breakup will usually turn their minds to how the kids will spend their weeks during school term, the school holidays, and special occasions such as Easter or Christmas.

However, they can overlook issues like the fact that Easter will occasionally overlap with the school holidays. Some parents are able to reach agreement when this issue arises, but for others it can be a major disagreement. Each parent may feel entitled to have the children spend time with them on that weekend as a result of their understanding of the informal arrangement between the parties.

This can lead to heated disagreements between the parties and is a cause of unnecessary stress for the parents at a time when they should be enjoying the four day break from work.

The family lawyers at Farrar Gesini Dunn in Melbourne and Canberra have drafted countless parenting orders and parenting plans to suit individual circumstances. We can draft orders or agreements with as much detail or as much flexibility as the parents require.

For those separated parents who need detailed arrangements to avoid future conflict, We can draft clear and concise orders that resolve any “what if Easter falls during the school holidays?” or “what about if Mother’s Day is on my weekend?” type questions and many others that tend not to be at the forefront of parent’s minds when they are trying to work out their children’s living arrangements in the wake of a recent separation.

If the matter is going to be resolved by consent then we can usually offer a fixed fee pricing structure. Consent parenting orders will usually only take 1-2 months to finalise and can avoid any unnecessary stress in the future so you can focus on figuring out how to make sure your kids enjoy their well earned break from school.

Sam Cummings

Sam Cummings