In today’s digital age, most businesses including law firms are becoming increasingly reliant on the internet to generate new business and raise brand awareness. FGD is no exception, particularly here in our Melbourne office where we’re a relatively new fish in a big pond, trying to make our mark on the family law landscape.

Recently, we’ve been trying to come up with fun and novel ways to increase traffic to our website, which will in turn improve our “Google-ability”. We’ve got Facebook. We’ve got Google+. We’ve got Twitter. And we’ve got Linkedin. But the reality is that there are only so many news articles worth sharing or snippets of wit and wisdom worth tweeting every day, which got us thinking; In general, visual content generates excellent responses on social media. And all the cool kids know that Instagram is the best photo sharing social media app around, but let’s face it in real life law offices aren’t like Ally McBeal and there’s not a lot going on around these traps worth photographing let alone sharing.

With that in mind, we’ve turned to our FGD Melbourne unofficial mascot, the squishy fish, to help us out! Squishy fish is the cutest green fish in all of Melbourne, and let me tell you he really gets around. Since starting up an Instagram account for squishy fish last month, we’ve been able to make new friends and connected with businesses around Melbourne and Warrnambool whilst sharing photos out and about of squishy fish dining, drinking, traveling, and even wrestling with cats!

We’re having a lot of fun with it.  If you’re on Instagram, we’d love you to join in the fun by following @fgdsquishyfish.

Squishy fish says #thankyou.