Today our firm had a visit from the son of one of our staff. We thought we were cool until we heard what this 10 year old thought about us…

What lawyers do (through the eyes of a 10 year old)

“They sit at computers for 6 hours and sigh. They hardly ever talk and only stop for lunch. They go to lots of meetings. They don’t even blink, so its kind of creepy.
So here I am observing lawyers doing important stuff. It’s pretty boring. I did go out and get the boss a coffee. I personally do not know how they can bear not moving around.
They also say things like ‘section sixty eye certificate’, I don’t even know what that means. Also they drink around 2 litres of coffee a day.
Apparently the men lawyers have ‘man chairs’ and the women have flowers on their desks. There is one thing that no one can match, sitting in a man chair makes you feel all powerful.
I have also discovered that lawyers always, under any circumstances, wear black. They all look like black holes ready to consume any information that comes their way.”
Hmmm, maybe we’re not as funky as we thought! We’ll try and be less lawyery next time!