So today is Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love, relationships and friendships. A quick look on Wikipedia tells me that not much is known about St Valentine, except that he is widely recognised to be a third century saint who happened to die on 14 February. It is not even known if St Valentine is one saint or two saints with the same name. It further appears that the tradition of associating February 14 with romantic love may date back to the 14th century in England during the time Chaucer and his mates were doing their thing.

For us at FGD, Valentine’s Day is an important day in our Calendar as it is the day that we say thank you to all the people with whom we work, providing the best possible outcomes to our clients. It is the day we say thank you to many people in the Canberra community and beyond who refer clients to us and work with us to provide the best service possible.

Without our professional relationships, Farrar Gesini Dunn would not be able to be the sort of organization that it is, successful on many levels but, importantly, in providing a quality and caring provision of service to our clients.

And that brings me to thank very much our clients, both our current clients and our former clients. It is very important to us that we do our best for you; whether that be when we previously acted for you or currently. We value very much what you think of us and what you would obviously tell your friends about us. Our relationship with you is one we value and which we want to ensure that, we can do the best possible work for you.

On another note of course, given the work that Farrar Gesini Dunn does, specialising in managing the breakdown of relationships of romantic love, we know that for some 14 February can be a day of some melancholy and, although at Farrar Gesini Dunn we cannot change that set of circumstances, we can through providing an empathetic and professional service alleviate some of the pain that comes from the ending of a relationship.

To all:
Happy Valentine’s Day
By Juliette Ford, Director
Farrar Gesini Dunn.