New Family Court decision on pre-nups

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Financial Agreements – De Facto versus Marriage
The Full Court of the Family Court has delivered a new judgement regarding whether you can have a binding financial agreement (aka a pre nup) that covers both de facto relationship breakdown and marriage breakdown.


Several years ago the Family Law Act was amended so that the Act […]

Are prenups binding in Australia?

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Something I commonly hear when talking to non family lawyers is: “I’d like my clients to protect their assets from divorce, but prenups aren’t binding in Australia…”

Well actually, they are! […]

Marriage is hard, man

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Read a joke this morning.  Joke was:

Marriage is hard, man.  Marriage is so hard that Nelson Mandela got a divorce.  Nelson Mandela, dude spent 27 years getting tortured and beaten everyday of his life.  27 straight years.  He gets out of jail, spends 6 months with his Wife and says, I can’t take this anymore!

I […]

Modern Relationships

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There were three different articles in The Age newspaper last week all written around the same time, which caused me to reflect upon modern relationships. Each article was quite engaging in its own right and although on the face of it looked like they were talking about very different things, all three articles were about […]