New Family Court decision on pre-nups

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Financial Agreements – De Facto versus Marriage
The Full Court of the Family Court has delivered a new judgement regarding whether you can have a binding financial agreement (aka a pre nup) that covers both de facto relationship breakdown and marriage breakdown.


Several years ago the Family Law Act was amended so that the Act […]

Are prenups binding in Australia?

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Something I commonly hear when talking to non family lawyers is: “I’d like my clients to protect their assets from divorce, but prenups aren’t binding in Australia…”

Well actually, they are! […]

Marriage is hard, man

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Read a joke this morning.  Joke was:

Marriage is hard, man.  Marriage is so hard that Nelson Mandela got a divorce.  Nelson Mandela, dude spent 27 years getting tortured and beaten everyday of his life.  27 straight years.  He gets out of jail, spends 6 months with his Wife and says, I can’t take this anymore!

I […]

Things Kim Kardashian needs to know about Family Law

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I’ve been reading a lot this week about Kim Kardashian and her upcoming nuptials to Kanye West. Having already tied the knot at a small civil ceremony, they are set to have a big bash in Paris. You’ll of course know that this will be Kim Kardashian’s third wedding. She eloped at 19 years of […]

Life could be a dream… or not

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Are post separation lotto wins subject to a former partner making a claim? Apparently, Yes.

In a case that recently went before the Family Court, the Husband was awarded 5% of the Wife’s $6 million lottery win, which she won six months following separation. […]