If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, then you may recall the episode where Aidan suggests that he buys Carrie’s apartment and the one next door, and that he and Carrie move in together. Carrie’s response is, “Is all this happening because my building is going co-cop? Is this a real estate merger? Am I a real estate bride?”

Gentlemen, this is relevant to you too.

How many of our friends and family do we know are moving in together because someone’s lease is up? Rent is too expensive? Or it is just easier for them to live together (so they say)?

What happened to someone saying, “I am ready to take that next step with you and I think we should move in together”.

What you could term, “relationship-real-estate mergers”, seem to be becoming an increasing reason as to why two people move in together.

It is not necessarily a bad thing, but you have to wonder when they break up—what happened to ‘The Talk’? Did they have ‘The Talk’ before moving in together?

As most people would tell you, communication is key to any successful relationship, “I love you”, “I don’t like you”, or “I want out of this relationship”. Perhaps having ‘The Talk’ about the real reasons why you and your partner are moving in together is the first step in setting up those expectations for a future long term, committed relationship (if you are so minded), before taking the actual steps to move in together.

At the end of the day, no one wants to see a Family Lawyer. No one really wants to spend their money on legal fees following their breakup, if one eventuates.

So, jumping on the bandwagon of TeenVogue, e-Harmony and Cosmopolitan, we encourage you to have ‘The Talk’ with your significant other before the merger!

On a side note, consideration as to how you can best protect your assets in the event of a “relationship-estate-merger” is worthwhile.

Come and see us for any questions or concerns that you may have!

Siobhan Mullins

Siobhan Mullins