As well as being the first week of spring, this week is Women’s Health Week. I registered for the event and each day this week I’ll be joining thousands of other women around the country focusing on a different aspect of my health.

On Monday the focus was on confidence. I consider myself to be a fairly confident person, but there are certainly moments in my life when I experience self-doubt. While I’m sure this is perfectly normal, I’ve learned this week that people with higher levels of self-confidence tend to have less illness and live happier lives. It’s for these reasons that I’m going to spend time this week (and going forward) heeding the advice of the experts and thinking about the ways that I can build my own confidence. Here are some of the things I’m planning to do:

  • Accepting compliments. I think as women this is something that we generally do very badly. I know I often find myself brushing off compliments, or responding by telling the person complimenting me all the reasons I don’t deserve the compliment, when a simple “thanks” would have been the appropriate response!
  • Recognising when negative self-talk is creeping in, and stopping it in its tracks. I was introduced to meditation about four years ago, and although I consider my daily practice to be the single most beneficial thing I do for my health overall I know it’s not enough to do just once a day and I need to start being mindful of my thoughts throughout the day too.
  • Having honest conversations with other women about when they feel confident and when they don’t and sharing tips and tricks. I’m so fortunate here at Farrar Gesini Dunn not only to work alongside some pretty remarkable women (and men too, of course!) but to also have great working relationships with women from organisations like WIRE and Women’s Legal. I’ll be tapping as many of them as I can on the shoulder this week, asking them questions about what makes them feel confident and what doesn’t.

Does anyone else have tips they’d like to share about building confidence? What do you focus on during times of self-doubt?

If you’d like to join me in focusing on health this week, why not register for Women’s Health Week –

Leila Kirsch

Leila Kirsch