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Advantages of Collaboration

Collaboration is an alternative dispute resolution process that has many advantages.

  1. Both clients have skilled legal advisers at every stage of the process. Both lawyers understand how to reach creative settlements. You are never on your own; your lawyer is at your side, explaining issues and helping you to achieve goals by mutual participation and agreement.
  2. Both clients will usually spend less money and time using the Collaborative Divorce Process than in other processes, particularly going to Court.
  3. Both clients and their lawyers agree in advance to work only toward a settlement acceptable to both clients. Litigation can never be threatened. Neither you nor your partner will be permitted to play games or take advantage of each other.
  4. The lawyers share with their clients a financial incentive to make the Collaborative Divorce Process work. The lawyers have not succeeded unless they help you create a win-win solution. They are “out of a job” if the process breaks down.
  5. The lawyers are concerned about process as well as outcome.
  6. Clients and lawyers work together as members of the settlement team, rather than working against each other as “opposing parties”.

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