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Eliza Unger


modern lawyer
Eliza joined the team in mid 2018 after working in another Canberra-based firm. Eliza has a passion for thinking outside the box and is committed to providing the firm’s clients with practical solutions.

particular strengths
Creative thinking
Legal research
Attention to detail

real person
Eliza grew up on a farm in country New South Wales but made the move to Canberra about 5 years ago. Eliza spends her free time hiking in the Canberra surrounds or at Pump classes at the gym. She tells us she is getting stronger despite using the same weights she started on back in 2012. She also loves keeping up to date with the latest research on the gut microbiome, baking with weird (“trendy”) ingredients like cricket flour and brewing her own kefir at home.

favourite things
Drink: Four Pillars Shiraz Gin with soda, raspberries and orange peel or an Old Fashioned
TV Personality: Dr Michael Mosley

Double-shot soy cap, please!

Direct Line: 02 6181 2067