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Sam Cummings

senior solicitor

modern lawyer
Sam is probably the smartest person in the firm. He came to us as a migrant from Adelaide in early 2014, having begun his career in family law as a Judge’s Associate at the Family Court of Australia. Those in the know say there is every chance Sam will be a judge himself someday, but we are hoping we can hang on to him for a while yet.
Sam’s youthful looks belie a giant intellect and the ability to identify and analyse the most challenging legal questions. Sam is the sole patron of the firm’s library and is our go-to-guy for cases involving unusual or complicated questions of law. He is excellent at researching and understanding the law (even weird laws that barely anyone has heard of) and working out how it can be used to help his clients.
In his time at FGD Sam has taken great pride and satisfaction in not only preparing dazzling legal arguments and brilliant submissions but also helping people in difficult, hopeless and hugely complex situations.

particular strengths
Child support
Complex questions of law
Costs orders

real person
Sam has an impressive collection of books. He says he has read at least 50% of most of them. Sam enjoys making contributions in the kitchen that don’t negatively effect overall meal quality. He is deceptively fit and attends the gym regularly. His weekend routine involves going out to brunch and helping his significant other with online shopping.

favourite things
About Canberra: jumping on the bandwagon of successful teams
About Adelaide: Brighton Beach
Paragraphs: the first paragraph of the second part of “The Sound and the Fury”, the sixty-second paragraph in The Public Service Association and Professional Officers’ Association Amalgamated of NSW v Director of Public Employment [2012] HCA 58, the last paragraph in “The Beast in the Jungle”

Caramel Latte w 2 sugars

Personal Assistant: Tyler Brunning and Linda Kaczmarek
Direct Line: 02 6181 2061