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Collaborative facts

Collaborative Law?
Collaboration is a process used to resolve family law disputes. It works for tough cases as well as those that appear easy.
It starts by you and your ex each agreeing not to go to Court. If the Collaborative Process fails (and the stats tell us that this very rarely happens) both lawyers and any other professionals must withdraw. You can still go to Court if that happens.

Collaboration is about finding solutions, not finding more things to fight about.
It’s dignified, discrete and allows you to stay in control.
We think it is the best option for almost everyone.

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Who participates?
Importantly you’re not left on your own – each person has their own lawyer who will always be there to fully understand what is important to you and to ensure that is taken into account in the negotiations. This means you can ensure things which are important to you, which may not be taken into account in traditional negotiation or by the Court, are fully aired.
The two lawyers work as a team to help you reach agreement. Creative solutions are always on the table.
We can creatively engage experts such as accountants, valuers, psychologists and even divorce coaches to help you get the best outcome.

How long does it take and how much does it cost?
Collaboration is generally more cost effective and faster than litigation. But more importantly the team controls the timing and cost. We can go slowly or even do it over the weekend, whatever is best for your family.

Is the agreement final?
Any agreement reached via the Collaborative process is binding and enforceable once it has been documented by the lawyers. The agreement is binding to the same extent as a decision made by the Court.

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We can collaborate with anyone.

When looking for a collaborative lawyer the most important thing is that they are committed to the process. Training and experience help, but if they don’t understand it and see the benefits then it can be more difficult for the parties. Our lawyers are committed to Collaborative Law and Collaborate regularly with other firms.

In Collaborative Law, each party needs their own lawyer. For the process to work, we need other firms to engage with us in Collaborative Law. Fortunately, we have an established group of other firms who regularly collaborate with us. We can give you the names of people who collaborate and do it well. For more information Contact Us