What we do

Expert advice on Personal Tax Returns goes well beyond filling out an ATO form correctly.

We use our extensive experience, skills, and training to ensure that you receive the best tax outcome in your personal tax return. Additionally, we use the insights we gain from your personal financial information to ensure that you receive the best advice from us on your own tax planning and financial goals.

Contact us to discuss and design a personal tax return package that will suit your needs and budget.

When are tax returns due (ATO deadline 2020)?

Most taxpayers are required to lodge their income tax returns by 31 October. Taxpayers lodging through a tax agent will usually get a deferred due date which can be as late as 15 May the following year. If you intend to use a tax agent, we recommend contacting a tax agent before 31 October.

When can I lodge my tax return for 2020?

While the ATO systems will allow you to lodge your tax return from 1 July, employers usually have until 14 July to finalise and report payroll details to the ATO. We recommend that you wait until at least this time before lodging.

How to lodge my tax return

Taxpayers can self-lodge through myGov, or lodge via a Tax Agent. As tax law can be very complex, we suggest using a tax agent if you have complex tax affairs. Other benefits of using a tax agent includes: You can get good advice on complex tax law, you can get advice on structuring your financial affairs in a tax-effective and risk-managed manner.

Our Specialty

Complex Tax Issues

We have CA qualified practitioners who are also Registered Tax Agents who are able to work through complex tax issues with you.

High Net-Wealth Individuals

High Net-Wealth Individuals who commonly seek advice and tax assistance with their investments in financial instruments and investment property. Not only do we ensure that your tax position is optimised, but we also provide advice on tax-effective structuring and will work closely with your Financial Advisers to achieve your desired asset protection and financial goals.

Professionals in Employment

We commonly work with Lawyers, Medical Practitioners, Dentists, Veterinarians, Engineers and other professionals and are highly attuned to their specific needs and goals.

Sole Traders in Business

We have an extensive Small to Medium business client base, and in addition to Tax services we will also advise you on maximising business performance and profitability.

Employment income and Work-related Deductions

We will help you uncover all of the work-related deductions you may have. We will also help you through Salary Sacrificing rules to see if it will work for you. Through the Covid-19 work from home period we have written a short guide to tax deductions you can claim while working from home.

Financial Investments and Capital Gains Tax

Financial investments are often a source of tax complexity, with different rules on dividend income, trust distributions, foreign investments, and Capital Gains Tax. We help you navigate through these rules to ensure that you will get the best tax outcome on your tax return, and provide you with advice on structuring your investments to help you achieve your financial goals.

For more complex investment structures, we can save time and guarantee accuracy with Sharesight. Sharesight is a highly rated portfolio tracker for Australian investors, and have comprehensive performance reporting tools in addition to comprehensive tax reporting.

Rental Properties

Rental properties are one of the most popular forms of investment in Australia. As with other investment income, the rent you receive from your rental property is taxable, and there are a lot of rules concerning what you can claim as a rental deduction. We will help you identify them to maximise the benefit you get from your investment, and also advice you on additional things you can do – like obtaining a Quantity Surveyor’s Report – to optimise your position for future years.

Sole Traders in Business

Tax compliance and reporting regulations can often place undue pressures on business resources. The consequences of non-compliance can be excessively burdensome on small business. The taxation system is complex, and as such, businesses and individuals rely on both practical and sound advice in order to optimise their tax obligations.

We have an extensive Small to Medium Business client base, and in addition to tax considerations we also provide business performance reporting and business profitability improvement advice.

Having your business structured correctly is one of the best things you can do. We also specialise in advising on restructuring your business into the most appropriate business structure, to ensure that your tax outcomes are maximised while minimising risk.

We recommend and work closely with Xero for your Small Business reporting and have been a Gold Partner for many years.

Cashflow management and forecasting are critical to financial success. We make use of Spotlight Reporting to provide market leading forecasting reports.

Extended Farrar Gesini Dunn Services

The larger Farrar Gesini Dunn group has experienced legal practitioners in the areas of Family Law, Wills and Estates, and Commercial Law. We work closely with them and can involve them in your business, financial, and estate planning matters. To get in touch with us call 02 6115 9000.