Our advisory team is led by Peter Beames and JK Law. In late 2018 Peter and the Directors of FGD identified that there was an opportunity for Peter to add value to our clients in family law and estate planning and for the lawyers working in those areas to add value to Peter’s business clients. Until that time Peter ran his own accounting practice, DPR Accountants. DPR and FGD had many common values in terms of tailoring their service to each particular client, providing high level, expert advice and using technology and innovative ways of service delivery.

Our advisory team focuses on proactive advice to assist clients build wealth in business and personally. We have a clear focus on relationships and ensuring that our advice is tailored to what is important to you. 

FGD is proud to be named as a Xero Gold Partner, which reflects our experience and growing size of our practice. Being named a Gold Partner is a significant achievement and provides substantial benefits for our clients. 

We assist clients with accounting and business advice, with a particular expertise in business and taxation advice to SME and high net worth individuals. Our clients are typically looking for deep analysis of their performance and not just the numbers. They value regular, timely and easy to understand communication and reporting. Our approach is to work with our clients in a collaborative way to generate results.


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Disneyland Parenting

There are plenty of ways to sabotage your child’s relationship with your ex following a divorce or separation. Many are overt and deliberate, like openly denigrating the other parent in front of your child. Some are more subtle, and even occasionally inadvertent, like contradicting the rules or boundaries that were…

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Children and Mental Health in the Family Court Process

It is no secret that mental health issues are prevalent in the Family Court system. This is not only as a result of domestic violence, but a variety of factors including social isolation, loneliness, severe or long-term stress and high-conflict arguments between parents and children, all of which can occur…

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Does Australia have a death tax?

The recent Australian election included a lot of discussion about a ‘death tax’. This led to a lot of debate and confusion. So, you might wonder, if you die, does your estate have to pay an extra tax? The short answer is ‘no’. Death taxes, sometimes called inheritance taxes, are…

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Which family lawyer is right for you?

How do I Choose my Family Lawyer? Separation can be one of the most stressful and emotionally charged experiences in your life, where you will need to think clearly and make big decisions about your future (and in some cases the future of your children). It’s not something that you…

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