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Our advisory team is led by Peter Beames and JK Law. In late 2018 Peter and the Directors of FGD identified that there was an opportunity for Peter to add value to our clients in family law and estate planning and for the lawyers working in those areas to add value to Peter’s business clients. Until that time Peter ran his own accounting practice, DPR Accountants. DPR and FGD had many common values in terms of tailoring their service to each particular client, providing high level, expert advice and using technology and innovative ways of service delivery.

Our advisory team focuses on proactive advice to assist clients build wealth in business and personally. We have a clear focus on relationships and ensuring that our advice is tailored to what is important to you. 

FGD is proud to be named as a Xero Gold Partner, which reflects our experience and capability. Being named a Gold Partner is a significant achievement, and also provides substantial benefits for our clients. 

We assist clients with accounting and business advice, with a particular expertise in business and taxation advice to SME and high net worth individuals. Our clients are typically looking for deep analysis of their performance and not just the numbers. They value regular, timely and easy to understand communication and reporting. Our approach is to work with our clients in a collaborative way to generate results.


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June 12, 2019

How much child support will I pay?

A Parent’s Guide to Child Support After separation, people often find themselves in tricky situations regarding how much to pay to their ex-partner for the support and upkeep of their children. These payments, known as ‘child support’, are generally ongoing, periodic payments made by one parent to the other, purely…

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June 6, 2019

Dead Man’s Sperm

With the advent of new technology, our laws and legislation have had to catch up with circumstances where sperm can be collected from a deceased person for the purpose of posthumous insemination.

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May 22, 2019

Farewell Denis Farrar

Last week we farewelled Denis Farrar, the Farrar in Farrar Gesini Dunn. He has been a lawyer since 1976 (that’s 43 years) and with FGD since its inception in 1995. In terms of the work he did, Denis practiced at the pinnacle of the legal profession. He was a formidable…

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March 6, 2019

Settle by Sunday

Ever thought “I just want my divorce done!” or “separating through lawyers is expensive”?Well guess what – we are here to challenge those misconceptions!If you, or a couple you know, is ready to settle their separation in a weekend – we want to hear from you!We want to give you…

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