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What is a will?

It’s a document that sets out how your property is distributed when you die. The purpose of a will is to make sure that the right person gets the right property and there is no dispute. If you don’t have a will then the law says how your property is distributed. This may be different to what you would want or it may be a more expensive way of achieving the same thing.

Even when people take out wills, many people who think they have provided for beneficiaries in the way they intended are unaware of the pitfalls that can arise if a will is not prepared correctly.

What is an estate plan?

A will is often part of an estate plan but an estate plan also looks at other assets that can’t be dealt with in a will. This might include superannuation or a business or a trust. The purpose of an estate plan is to make sure that all of your property no matter how you own it ends up with the right people in a tax effective way.

What is estate administration?

It’s the process of putting a will into effect. It includes obtaining probate, finding assets, transferring or selling them, paying debts and making sure that everything is finalised. Sometimes it’s relatively easy and sometimes it is not. Whether easy or hard it has to be done properly or the executor can be liable or people can miss out on what is rightfully theirs.

We’ve written some articles below about wills, estate planning, estate administration, and some of the issues that arise in these areas.

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May 22, 2019

Farewell Denis Farrar

Last week we farewelled Denis Farrar, the Farrar in Farrar Gesini Dunn. He has been a lawyer since 1976 (that’s 43 years) and with FGD since its inception in 1995. In terms of the work he did, Denis practiced at the pinnacle of the legal profession. He was a formidable…

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May 14, 2019

The Family Court – A Parent’s Perspective

The Family Court – A parent’s perspective I try to encourage my clients to avoid Court whenever possible. The majority of family law matters settle by agreement, but for an unlucky few, going to Court is unavoidable. I recently talked to some of my clients who have been through the…

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May 9, 2019

Beware of the DIY Will

We have written previosly in our FGD blog about the dangers of using a DIY Will Kit. However, cases such as that of the Estate of Peter Reid highlight the extent to which it could all go pear-shaped if a Will is done incorrectly. The deceased, Mr. Reid, left a…

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March 6, 2019

Settle by Sunday

Ever thought “I just want my divorce done!” or “separating through lawyers is expensive”?Well guess what – we are here to challenge those misconceptions!If you, or a couple you know, is ready to settle their separation in a weekend – we want to hear from you!We want to give you…

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