Looking to purchase your dream home, invest in the property market, or downsize now that your kids have finally flown the coop? Our experienced property team at FGD are here to help you navigate your way through the process of buying your new home.

Purchasing a property has three main steps: –

Offer/Pre-Auction Review

You have found the perfect property!

You will engage a solicitor to review the Contract to ensure there are no hidden problems, or undesirable terms. During this ‘pre-exchange’ process we will negotiate the terms of the Contract on your behalf making sure both the Contract and property meets your expectations.

This is also the time you will need to finalise your finances so that you are in a position to complete the Contract and pay the necessary deposit to facilitate exchange.


The terms of the Contract are agreed, you have paid the deposit, and you have your finances in place. It’s now time to exchange Contracts.

Following exchange we work towards settlement. If you are obtaining a loan, we will liaise with your mortgage broker or banker to finalise your loan requirements and attend to calculating the various rates and charges so we may provide you with the final settlement amount.


This is the day we finalise your purchase, so that you legally own the property and can finally pick up the keys to your home!

Prior to settlement we recommend you undertake a ‘pre-settlement inspection’. This is when you inspect the property to make sure it is in the same condition as it was on exchange. We recommend you check that all the fixtures and fittings are at the property and in good working order (i.e. stove top, oven, hot water system, light & electrical outlets). It is important to advise us of any issues so that we may resolve them with the Seller’s solicitor prior to settlement.

We will liaise with either yourself or your bank to arrange the cheques required on settlement. If you are obtaining a loan that doesn’t cover the settlement amount, we will provide you with any additional amount you need to have available in your nominated shortfall account.

Settlement will take place in the afternoon, we will let you know when settlement takes place so you can then collect your keys!

If you are purchasing a property in the ACT or NSW, please contact one of our experienced property solicitors, or conveyancers on 02 6115 9000