Our office is located on the first floor of the CPA Building, at 10 Rudd Street, Canberra.

We have parking available for our clients, which can be accessed via Rudd Street to the left of our building, as pictured.



When entering the car park you will see an intercom on the wall to your right. Press “101”, then press the Call/Phone button to speak to reception.



Our parking spaces are located in the upper car park, and are marked on the map below.


Please note that access to our office is via a stairway. If you require accessible entry please let us know prior to your appointment and we will organise this for you. 

If you have any issues with entering or locating the car park, do not hesitate to contact us on (02) 6115 9000.



Accessing the building from the car park 

Walk down towards the end of the car park towards the back of the Hellenic building.



Turn right, and continue walking down the set of stairs towards the white gate.


On the right of the gate, press the red knob and exit the parking space through the white gate.


After exiting, turn right into the building.


As we are located on the first floor, there is the option of walking up the stairs, or to the right using the lift.



Exiting the building to the car park 

Once on ground floor, to the left of the lifts (if exiting from the lifts), is an exit door.


Walk through the first door, and to the left of the second is a green knob.


After exiting the second door, turn left and continue walking till the set of the stairs, above which is the parking space.