What is a Conciliation Conference?

A conciliation conference is type of dispute resolution meeting where you and your former partner will try and reach agreement on financial issues. A Registrar of the court will conduct the conciliation conference.

A conciliation conference can be a very productive step toward reaching a settlement agreement. Whilst the Registrar cannot force you and your former partner to come to an agreement, we encourage our clients to take advantage of the opportunity to attend a conciliation conference and to keep an open and positive mindset towards reaching an agreement.

Prior to the conciliation conference the court will order you to produce and file certain documents including a financial statement and the normal duty of disclosure applies.

At the conference the Registrar will give an outline of the conciliation conference process and identify the different parties’ issues within the dispute. The Registrar may also give an indication of the result that that they believe the court might find should the matter proceed to hearing.

If an agreement is made at the conciliation conference your solicitors will help draw up an agreement and the Registrar will make orders, settling the matter. If an agreement is not reached the matter may proceed straight to final hearing or the Registrar can enforce more procedural orders prior to progressing to hearing.