What do I do about an Abduction?

If a child is removed, detained or concealed from one parent by the other parent than this may constitute parental abduction. An abduction can occur whether or not the parents have separated and can involve other family members aside from just the parents. Children can be abducted within Australia and internationally.

If your children have been abducted and you have concerns for their safety, you should in the first instance contact the police and then seek legal advice from a specialist family lawyer.

If you believe that your partner or former partner may act to abduct your children you should contact a solicitor straight away to discuss your options.

Your solicitor can help you apply to the court to seek protection over your children and if necessary seek a recovery order. If your child has been abducted or someone is threatening to abduct them this can be a very stressful and worrying time, it is important that you act quickly and with the best legal advice possible.