What happens to my Pets?

Pets are such an important part of our lives and often an even bigger part of the family. When your relationship breaks down, working out who keeps the pets can be almost as complicated and emotional as working out parenting arrangements.

But not everyone is a pet person, so if pets are a big part of your life it is important to get a family lawyer who loves pets as much as you do. Here at FGD we have pets at the office on a regular basis and we love having a giggle at a baby animal video or four!

Under Australian law, pets are considered property and in the eyes of the law are comparable to the car or fridge. That’s why you need a lawyer who thinks of your furry friend as much more than just the lawn mower.

The court has discussed pets in numerous cases, more recently in Downey & Beale. Here the court considered a number of different factors surrounding pet ownership when determining who kept the pet. These factors included who initially purchased the pet, who paid for the pet’s expenses, who held the pet’s registration papers and where the pet lived after the relationship broke down.

Whilst the court will look to your pet dispute if necessary, here at FGD we love doing things differently and will try to keep you and your furry friend out of the court room if possible. We can help you with out of court agreements.

We can also help you make sure that you and your furry friend are protected as owner and pet in the event of future relationship break down, (A Pet Prenup).