What is Child Custody?

In the legal world ‘child custody’ is a fairly outdated term, but it is a term that continues to be strongly used by the public.

But let’s not get too caught up in semantics. Child Custody or parenting arrangements refer to a child’s living arrangements. This includes who the child ‘lives with’ and who the child ‘spends time’ with. Terms which you may be familiar with include ‘residence’, ‘contact’ and ‘custody.’

In family law matters there is rarely a winner or loser. Instead your solicitors and the court are most interested in coming to an arrangement which focusses on the best interests of your child. The Family Law Act emphasises the importance of children to have meaningful relationships with both parents whilst also making sure that they are safe and protected from any harm.

It is a common for people to think that there are set formulas or care arrangements that the court will enforce, this is a myth! In any family law negotiations inside or outside of court it is the children’s best interests that will be the main focus.