What is Collaborative Law?

The collaborative law process is a form of alternate dispute resolution which puts you in control of your family law matter. Collaboration is a great option if you believe that you and your partner are able to cooperate and negotiate on amicable terms during your family law dispute. Collaborative law is not about confrontation, rather it is about you and your former partner problem solving with the assistance of your lawyers to come to an agreement and understanding.

During collaboration you will partake in ongoing correspondence and a series of meetings with your former partner. During these negotiations you, with the help of your solicitors, will identify what is important to both parties, what questions you need to answer regarding the separation, identify and evaluate the options available to you and finally negotiate your way to an agreement.

If for some reason you do not reach an agreement, you and your former partner do have the option to file an application with the court. However if you chose to do so the lawyers who assisted you with the collaboration will not be able to act for you in any litigation.