What is disclosure and do I have to provide it?

Within the family law system there is a duty to disclose all relevant information relevant to your matter to all the involved parties and the court.

When you begin a family law matter regarding property, whether this is outside or inside the court room, you and your former partner will exchange disclosure documents. In a property matter these documents can include documents such as bank statements, superannuation statement, payment summaries, phone bills and payslips.

The duty of disclosure runs right from the get go of your matter all the way up until settlement. This means that you have a duty to disclosure any new relevant information or documents as your circumstances change throughout the timeline of your dispute.

It is important that you follow this duty to disclosure and provide the other party in your matter with all relevant information. The court has published a brochure about disclosure which you can see here: or you can talk to you solicitor at any time about what you need to disclosure.