Who are these experts?

Whilst our lawyers are experts at Family Law we don’t pretend that we are also experts in other fields such as psychology or financial planning. Expert witnesses are professionals who are experts in their given field. Experts can be called on in Family Law proceedings to report on a particular part of the dispute for example property valuations, medical conditions or complex superannuation matters.

Experts are valuable resources in the family law world; whether the court orders a psychologist to give evidence at your hearing or you are in the middle of collaboration and we suggest getting a superannuation consultant in, an expert can put a new perspective on your dispute and often help both parties come to an agreement on certain areas of the dispute.

Usually you and the other partner can chose the expert to be used in your matter.  Experts can be used to provide written reports to the court or give oral evidence in court or to provide letters of advice or more informal advice in an out of court negotiation or collaboration.

If the court orders a report, you, your former partner and your children may be asked to attend an interview with the assigned expert.

At all times an expert witness has a duty to the court to apply their expertise against the facts and to form an independent and truthful opinion based on their findings.