What constitutes abuse?

People often think that abuse is limited to acts of physical violence. This is not the case. Abuse can be either physical or emotional. If your partner humiliates or criticises you, threatens or emotionally blackmails you or your children or family members, keeps you from seeing your children or restricts your access to finances, the phone or the internet you may be experiencing family violence. You may feel unsafe within your relationship or you are worried about the safety of your children, you may also feel controlled or isolated.

If either you or children are being subjected to family violence you should contact our office today to speak with a domestic violence lawyer for a free initial appointment to discuss your legal rights and options.

There are a variety of options available to you in both the legal and practical sense. We can advise you what steps you need to take to get yourself and your children away from danger. Getting help from a lawyer doesn’t automatically mean you will go straight to court, instead there are a lot of different avenues available to you including negation and mediation. We can also help you get connected with other support services and organisations in your local area and our in-house family and child specialist Amy McGinn is often available for a chat.