Pay via direct bank transfer or credit card into any of our accounts.

Avoid paying transaction fees by transfering through direct debit online.

Pay Invoice

All invoices should be paid into our office account. Select the button “pay invoice” to pay into our account.


Pay into Trust Account

Pay into your local office’s trust account if you have been asked to deposit funds into trust by your solicitor or their personal assistant. The way we handle funds deposited into trust are regulated according each division’s local State laws. If you are unsure which account to deposit into, please contact our office.


You may be asked to transfer funds for future legal fees and disbursements into our Trust Account. A trust account is an account established by the firm that we must maintain when we receive and hold money on behalf of clients or third parties.

The firm must maintain a separate client ledger for each client who has money in the trust account. At any time, a client can ask to see his or her specific client ledger which shows all transaction that flow in and out of the trust account for that specific client.

Funds held in trust for future fees may be allocated towards an invoice we issue to you. The amount will be transferred from the trust ledger at the expiration of 7 business from the date we send you your invoice, unless an objection is made.

If you have any questions about this process please don’t hesitate to contact us.