Going to Court in Victoria

Whether you resolve matters out of Court, go to Court or settle the matter somewhere along the way, we think it is important that you have a lawyer who understands your needs.

We attend the Family Court, the Federal Circuit Court, the Supreme Court of Victoria as well as the Children’s Court and the Magistrates Court on a regular basis. We are skilled advocates and we excel in courtroom advocacy.

Our lawyers attend Court for a range of matters including divorce, interim hearings, duty lists, agency work, discovery, contested subpoena matters, case assessment conferences, conciliation conferences, Less Adversarial Trials, final hearings, appeal matters etc.

We litigate to protect your interests and get the best outcome for you.

In addition to our litigation skills we are also trained in Collaborative Practice (or Collaborative Law), which is a form of alternative dispute resolution which focuses on out of Court settlements. We are ‘collaborative’ when we ‘Collaborate’ and we are hard litigators when we need to be. If you would like more information on Collaborative Law we invite you to visit the Collaborative law page of this website.

We are tough and we are smart. We are the top dogs.