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Separated or thinking about Separation?

Child Custody

Child Custody, although still used widely by the public, is now an outdated term under the Family Law Act. The terminology for children’s living arrangements has changed over the years. If the children stay with one of the parents most of the time we say that the children “live with” that parent. The other parent now “spends time” with the children. These terms replace older concepts of “residence” and “contact” or “custody”.

There are no winners and no losers in resolving these issues. The object is to formulate an arrangement for children based on serving their best interests. The law says it is important children have a meaningful relationship with both parents while also ensuring they are protected from harm.

There are no set care regimes. You should work out what best suits you, your children and the other party. The best arrangement will be one that the  parents can agree to. If they cannot agree, after exploring mediation, then going to Court is an option.