Superannuation Matters

What is Superannuation? Well, you probably know the answer to that question, but what do we do with it? Super can be a tricky issue in a range of different areas. It’s included as an asset in a property settlement for the Family Court and splitting it properly is vital so that what you intend to happen actually happens. That means understanding how super and superannuation splitting work, the way valuations work and how they can be used and how to draft orders or construct deals to maximise the result.

Complex family finances and situations often mean that ‘standard’ self-managed funds won’t do everything that you may want them to do. Understanding the law means it can be set up in the right way.

Lastly, dealing with super on death can be hard to understand. Superannuation law means that the Trustee has a lot of power. Superannuation practice can mean specialist advice in the Estate Planning process or disputing a Trustee’s decision so the super ends up in the right place.

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