You wouldn’t pay a painter more to take longer to complete a task…

 We do quality work and offer flexibility with our fees including:
  • Hourly rate
  • Monthly fee
  • Fixed fee for stage
  • Fixed fee overall

We’ll discuss your family law fees with you, at any stage, at no charge.

You may need immediate assistance with an urgent complex situation, or you may only have a few questions, either way we will assist you. Once we know what you need one of our specialists will discuss what it might cost, we will work with you to achieve results while always being transparent about fees. We don’t have a one price fits all view, we tailor what we do depending on what you need and offer flexibility with our fees. To discuss your needs and to meet with one of our Lawyers to discuss costs please call our client intake team on 02 6115 9000.

Then please raise it with us!  We are always willing to have an open conversation about your fees and any discussions we have about fees; whether in person, over the phone or in writing are at no charge to you.