We’re not like the others, because..

We remember that our clients are people and we are in the privileged position of helping our clients, some who are at a point in their lives which is one of the most difficult they will encounter and are therefore vulnerable. We remember that what we do matters and will impact on people’s lives – our clients, their children, their families and friends, their work, and their community.

We charge our clients fairly. We don’t incur fees that are out of proportion to the benefit to the client and we don’t price gouge. We also don’t undervalue our knowledge and experience and the benefits we give our clients.

We focus on doing things differently, for both clients and staff. Our core purpose is: ‘To help and empower people with compassion and innovation.’

Our professionals listen to our client’s needs and help them find the process and outcome that suits their circumstances. There isn’t only one way of looking at a situation.

We have unique offices to promote staff satisfaction and client engagement. We have designed our office spaces to look less like a law and accounting firm, and more like a home.

We strive to have a work environment which supports our lives and values women. None of our Directors have offices. They share the open plan space with everyone else.

In the family law space we advocate out of Court solutions and Collaborative law to help parties have a fast, amicable settlement wherever possible. Somebody’s ‘rights’ under the Family Law Act are not the only thing that matters. We don’t think that negotiations about property and parenting or how an estate should be divided occur in a vacuum and that the other considerations (relationships, time etc) are extraneous.

Why We Collaborate

We believe in collaboration as the best way to help you get the best possible results.

Entrusting a stranger to make a decision on everything you own (including your super) and arrangements for your children is generally unwise.

You don’t have to be best friends. But if you both want to attend the kids’ weddings Collaboration may be the process for you.

Our Collaborative Lawyers actually collaborate, we don’t just put it on our website.

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