When FGD first started taking our staff to Bali in the late 90’s we were a much smaller firm, around 15 people. Fast forward to Easter 2024 where 89 staff from across our 4 offices embarked on our biennial Bali conference to strengthen our professional relationships, exchange insights and rejuvenate our state of minds.

We spent the conference learning from esteemed presenters and discussing emerging Family Law trends, focusing heavily on litigation, collaboration and the human skills involved in each. We delved into innovative strategies, and went through some highly interesting case studies. Our presenters went deep into the understanding of our professions and the skills we hold, teaching us new tips and tricks along the way.

It was important that there was a balance of socialising, relaxation too.

We all enjoyed Bali’s rich culture, some of us venturing on a cultural sight-seeing afternoon, a snorkelling expedition in the Blue Lagoon and a cooking class with the renowned Merrick group. We had some incredible dinner’s together, and on our final night we were spoilt to have a traditional Balinese feast on the lawns of Padma Resort, Legian.

If you would like to be a part of the FGD team in time for our next adventure, please head over to our careers page.