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Today, 28 May, is LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Day. This is an initiative run by the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation which is a national advocacy group in this space. Since earlier this year I have been assisting their board of directors as the ACT Coordinator.

FGD was proud to host a morning tea to reflect on this day and show our support to the cause.

LGBTIQ Breakfast 2024

This day is a really important initiative because up to 62% of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people have experienced abuse in one or more of their relationships. Despite this alarming figure, LGBTQ people are less likely to identify the abuse, less likely to find support, and even less likely again to then report it.

Silence and lack of awareness about domestic, family and intimate partner abuse in LGBTQ relationships play a large part in why the violence persists.

The purpose of this day is to help change the national conversation around domestic, family and intimate partner violence and abuse and ensure that all victims and survivors are #SeenAndBelieved.

You only need to look at the way LGBTQ domestic violence has been reported in the media this year to appreciate why the social paradigms need to shift in this space.

FGD as an organisation has taken the pledge to ensure we play a role in being a part of this change. Beyond just talking the talk, FGD well and truly walks the walk in this space. We are one of the only private, national law firms in Australia that runs an LGBTIQ Legal Service . This was launched 2 years ago today by Daniel Magnussen and Kasey Fox. Two years on, this service has been a tremendous success and has allowed us to assist dozens of clients from this community in relation to a range of matters from family law, adoption, surrogacy, transgender rights and family/domestic violence.

For many people, speaking to a lawyer is the first time they share their experiences of domestic violence, and having a lawyer who is either LGBTQ identifying themselves or an ally who has an understanding and respect for that community can be hugely reassuring for these clients. This is feedback that we have directly received from clients engaging with the service.  Even if that client isn’t a victim of domestic violence, engaging with our service and seeing the work our firm does in this space can give them reassurance that there will be no judgment and they can feel safe to share their story – which in turn, allows us to provide them with the best support and advice possible.

The Foundation has also just launched workplace training for frontline workers and those who work in or around domestic violence. In many ways the work we do at FGD is frontline work because many of our clients, LGBTQ identifying or not, have experiences with domestic violence. We are looking forward to undertaking further training in this space to equip our staff with additional resources as to how to best be attuned to and care for clients who have experienced domestic violence.

If you would like more information about Domestic Violence Awareness Day or the work that the LGBTQ Domestic Violence Awareness Foundation do, you can click here .

Daniel Magnussen, Family Lawyer FGD

Daniel Magnussen

Family Lawyer

Daniel is a specialist family lawyer and has experience across a broad range of areas within this field including issues unique to LGBTIQ clients. He is a strong advocate and recognises the importance of creating a legal industry that reflects the diversity of the clients it advocates for and represents.

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Kasey Fox, Director FGD

Kasey Fox

Family Lawyer

Kasey is a family lawyer and Director of FGD. She is an LGBTIQ ally and has an understanding an appreciation of LGBTIQ issues, including litigation with respect to conception and parentage disputes, collaborative law, rainbow families and donor advice.

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