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Why should you choose Farrar Gesini Dunn for your matter?

Choose Farrar Gesini Dunn

We’re not like the others and we think that’s a great thing

We focus on doing things differently, for both clients and staff.  Our core purpose is:

‘To help and empower people with compassion and innovation.’

Our lawyers listen to our client’s needs and help them find the process and outcome that suits their circumstances. We advocate out of Court solutions and Collaborative law to help parties have a fast, amicable settlement wherever possible.

We have unique premises in both Canberra and Melbourne to promote staff satisfaction and client engagement. We have designed our office space to look less like a law firm, and more like a home (we even have an indoor garden, complete with a swing).

We also recognise that Law can be a stressful area to work in for our staff. We strive to have a work environment which supports our lives and values women.

None of our Directors have offices. They share the open plan space with everyone else.

Our motto is:  Modern Lawyers – Real People.