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Spousal Maintenance Experts | Farrar Gesini Dunn

Separated or thinking about Separation?

Then you may need to think about Spousal maintenance. Spousal maintenance is when a man or woman is required to provide financial support for their former partner, ex husband / ex wife .

An applicant for maintenance must be able to prove that:

  1. He or she is unable to support himself or herself adequately
  2. The other spouse has the capacity to contribute to the applicant’s support

The Court:

  1. Ignores any Social Security allowance or pension that is being paid to the applicant
  2. Expects the applicant to make reasonable efforts to find employment
  3. Generally does not expect residential parents with under school-age children to seek employment
  4. Generally expects a spouse who cannot find work to look to re-train and find employment
  5. Generally will not order maintenance for either the husband or the wife for an unlimited period. Of course, if because of age or disability it is unlikely that an applicant will find employment, a spouse maintenance order may be made for an unlimited period