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Amanda has practised exclusively in the area of family law all of her career in both leading and specialist family law firms. Amanda joined us with over 12 years experience behind her, with particular skills in high conflict, complex and difficult parenting matters as well as having the expertise in acting for clients with significant net wealth property matters.

Amanda has a busy practice spread across all areas of family law. That means when she is not involved in litigating a matter on behalf of a client, she is negotiating settlements to resolve other matters without the need for litigation. With such a practice, she is efficient, to the point and has the ability to identify the actual issues in a matter, sometimes before the clients themselves. On the topic of her clients, they say they always know what options are available to them and they feel protected, supported and confident with Amanda on their side.

Amanda is respected by her colleagues and has a range of networks around her to benefit her clients when looking at the far reaching effects of a family law matter.

Real Person

You’ll find Amanda fleeing to the northern hemisphere over the December / January break, usually to the United States where she spends her time attending as many games of the NFL, NBA and NHL as possible. When she isn’t travelling in search of snow and sports, she is gushing over her English Bulldog, who she says is the best dog in the world.

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