Modern Lawyer (She/Her)

Kasey began her family law career with FGD back in 2004 and was made a Director in 2013. Originally from Alice Springs, Kasey has made chilly Canberra her home more than 20 years.

In her practice, Kasey is pragmatic, thorough, passionate about her work and very protective of her clients. When necessary, Kasey is a fierce litigator, and achieves outstanding results for clients. Her years of experience in litigation have given her unparalleled knowledge of the Court process and she is the office go-to for strategy and advocacy tips.

Her many years of experience mean that she is acutely aware that some matters can be resolved without the need for litigation, and she has worked hard to build her practice in alternative dispute resolution processes. Accordingly, Kasey is a passionate advocate for Collaborative Law and is a skilled negotiator. She encourages clients to reach negotiated outcomes whenever possible and is an active facilitator of our new Settle by Sunday service.

Kasey has a particular experience and expertise in big, complex financial cases, non-disclosure, indemnity costs applications and drafting binding financial agreements (pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements). Kasey’s superpower is that she can look at reams of complex documents and can understand and identify relevant assets and financial circumstances. This is particularly important in helping her clients improve their knowledge of their own financial circumstances, particularly where companies or trusts are involved.

Kasey assists clients navigate difficult children’s matters. Her insight into children’s and family issues allows her to tailor solutions to a broad range of clients.

Kasey is also an LGBTIQ ally with an understanding and appreciation of LGBTIQ issues. Kasey is part of our LGBTIQ Legal Service team and has particular experience in litigation with respect to parentage.

In addition to being one of the most knowledgeable family lawyers in the business, Kasey (and her Husband Travis) are also television stars, appearing in limited series such as the SBS TV Show Insight about prenups.

Real Person

Kasey has 2 naughty sausage dogs.

Kasey’s favourite holiday destinations (pre-COVID) include Paris, Venice, Rome and the Maldives.

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