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Find solutions that fit

farrar-gesini-dunn-stethoscopeDoctors diagnose and then treat.  They work on the basis of providing the least invasive solution to their patient’s problem.

So do we.

We take a medical approach to law. We run some tests, make an informed diagnosis, and help you decide which treatment is best for your situation.

That’s why we’re experts in a whole range of process options and we’ll help you choose the best process for you and make a hard process as easy as possible.

Some of the options are:

· Going to Court

· Collaboration

· Mediation

· Negotiation

· Advice

We only do what we’re good at. We don’t do commercial leasing, and we can’t help you with your international shipping law problems. The areas we do know a lot about are:



  • Going to Court
  • Collaboration
  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Advice

Regardless of what the legal issue is, we’ll listen to you until we fully understand you. That includes understanding your situation, your budget, your timeframes, and what’s important to you. Then we’ll discuss your options and together we’ll find the process and the outcome that suits you best.