Modern Lawyer

Kirsty began her career in New Zealand but (fortunately for us) moved to Australia in 2010. She is our go-to person for surrogacy and parentage work (which is really complicated, so you’ll need an expert) and has spoken at conferences and even participated in a parliamentary roundtable inquiry on the subject. She has run lots of contested and tricky parenting cases. Kirsty also has a degree in economics, so she’s all over hard financial cases.

Generally, Kirsty tries to adopt a collaborative and conciliatory approach to family law cases but when required she is smart and tough. We learned this the hard way before we asked her to join us. Kirsty is empathetic and takes time to understand what is important to each particular client, to help find solutions that are creative and tailored to their individual circumstances – no one size fits all approach.

Her clients all say that she was a source of support through a difficult process and she is committed to finding the best outcome for everyone she sees.

Real Person

Kirsty is addicted to ‘grit’ classes at the gym and if she’s not in the office, chances are she’s there. She will begrudgingly admit that one of her favourite hobbies is online shopping, ‘not to buy, just to look’. Kirsty stars in the firm sports squad, be it doing fun runs or on the netball court.

She has the most predictable breakfast order ever, but can give you a review of the poached eggs on toast with tomato and avocado for every café in Canberra (if required). She always looks immaculate and seems to never wear the same thing twice.

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