Modern Lawyer

Adam joined the firm in 2006 and became a Director in 2013. Having built his reputation as one of our best litigators, he has been recognised for several years as one of Canberra’s preeminent family lawyers. He is regularly referred new clients by people he has acted both for and against previously.

Adam’s approach is assertive and proactive. He is outcome focused and not afraid to tackle apparently insurmountable challenges. He avoids inefficient letter writing battles wherever possible and is skilled at taking control of situations and setting the agenda. Adam’s clients often say that he is particularly good at formulating a tailored strategy that meets their interests and works for them instead of a one size fits all approach. He is well regarded by his peers and Judges, but most importantly by his clients.

He has particular expertise in cases involving businesses, corporate structures and valuation issues, representing both business owners and their spouses and knows all the strategies for both sides. He understands balance sheets and complex financial documents as well as the commercial aspects of running a business. Adam also runs a busy and successful parenting practice and has run a number of high conflict cases involving allegations of abuse of children, and he has been invited to present papers on how to manage such allegations at national family law conferences.

Real Person

Adam grew up in Canberra and has a broad range of professional contacts in Canberra. As well as law, he has a degree in sports management and from time to time channels Jerry Maguire. A long, long time ago, Adam ran 10km in 37 minutes but is now more interested in High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) and mountain biking. He spends his time away from work doting on his young family, at HIIT Republic or playing golf at Royal Canberra. In his youth, Adam starred in a range of television commercials. He never cracked a breakthrough role, but remains open to offers.

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