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Jim Dunn

managing director

modern lawyer
Only our fearless Managing Director could keep us all in check and functioning like a well-oiled machine. Despite his youthful good looks Jim has in excess of 30 years of experience. Once upon a time Jim was one of Australia’s fiercest litigators; but having now attained a state of zen he is passionate about the benefits of collaboration for clients. When he isn’t reading books on why lawyers should eat bananas he manages to keep the rest of us feeling good about ourselves and he has steered the firm through 20 successful years (and counting). He can often be seen in the indoor office garden with his dog Ruby.

areas of expertise
Collaborative Law
Running the World

real person
Jim is a seriously good golfer. Seriously good – has hit numerous holes in one. He has been known to shark through 17 holes just to win a bet on the last. He rides a very girly bike to work, and has established a home away from home in Bali, his holiday destination of choice. Having shunned a career as a bodybuilder in his younger years he now prefers the finer things in life; fine foods, travel, art and attaining the perfect work/life balance.

Dog: Dachshund
Sportsperson: Adam Scott
Casual shirt choice: Hawaiian

For a slightly quicker response: Allie  a.johnson-davey@fgd.com.au